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Hermannsburg: Through heath, woodlands and the Oertze valley (day tour, approx. 40 km)


A day-tour by bicycle in Suedheide Nature Park through the Oertze lowland. 

Cycle through the diversified countryside and the typical, small heath village of Oldendorf, Suelze and Eversen. 

Small wooden bridges along the Rover Oertze invite you to rest awhile and enjoy the view of the Oertze valley. Interesting observations of local wildlife can be made here. 

The bicycle tour returns through woodlands and heath areas to the point of departure.

The bicycle tour is suitable for children thanks to its largely flat and even surfaces.


Tip: Take a break at Salinenhaus in Suelze.


Oertze, river of the heath


The source of the river Oertze is located on the military training grounds at Munster-Nord, from where it flows south until it joins the river Aller in Winsen. 

A strong feed of groundwater keeps the water of the Oertze permanently cool. It is also known as a "summer-cold” heath river. The largely pristine riverbed winds like a serpentine through the broad Oertze valley, where depressions, steep banks and interchanging gravel and sand banks bear witness to the river’s structural richness. 

The water’s high quality and the surrounding meadows and woodlands help support a very diverse flora and fauna. Brown trout and bullheads are just as much at home here as kingfishers and fish otters. Yellow water iris and ragged robin flower near the river’s banks. 

The inclusion of the Oertze river system in the European protection scheme Natura 2000 emphasises its high ecological importance.


Salt production


The name Suelze is a reference to the saline source located in the vicinity. 

The salt was thickened at the local graduation house before it was transported to the simmering houses. A model at the new information house explains how the saline concentration was produced. The process required large quantities of peat that was dug up around the village of Suelze. Numerous simmering houses were erected to simmer the water out of the saline concentrate in iron pans.   


Tour length: approx. 40 km


Route condition: paved cycle paths, asphalted agricultural and cycle paths and some woodland tracks


The pictogram shown here lines the entire route.


Directions to the car park at Hermannsburg town hall:
Am Markt 3, 29320 Hermannsburg


Coordinates: N 52° 49.91560', E 010° 05.20508'


Recommended bicycles: touring bikes, trekking bikes and e-bikes


Further information:
Tourist Information der Gemeinde Südheide
Am Markt 3, 29320 Hermannsburg
Tel. 05052 6574


Route description:

The bicycle tour begins at the Tourist Information Office of Suedheide in the town hall. Maps and additional information are available here. Free parking is available behind the town hall.


Cycle down Cellerstrasse and Lotharstraße and then into Schlüpker Weg, from where the tour is then signposted. 


The cycle path takes you through Schlüpke and runs parallel to the river Oertze to Oldendorf. Information boards are the local flora and fauna of the Oertze valley can be found opposite the camp site and at the Haus der Natur in Beutzener Weg.


The cycle path then leads through the forest from Beutzen to Eversen. Small information boards on the characteristic buildings at the heart of the historic heath village tell of its history. 


The cycle path continues to Suelze. The Saline Information House and various models of the Saline explain the history of Suelze village and salt mining.

Further along the cycle tour lie the isolated farm Twiesselhop that housed a salt simmering station in the 17th century and the manor Feuerschützenbostel on the wayside.

The cycle tour continues through typical heath woodlands to Altensalzkoth and Miele and then on past small heath areas to Hermannsburg. The heath area near Angelbecks Pond features a barrier-free circular trail with information about the heathland.


You can find extensive map material and additional information about this tour in the Region Celle Navigator.



  • Radfahren in der Lüneburger Heide
  • Piktogramm zur Tour "Durch Heide, Wald und Örtzetal"
  • Fahrradfahren im Naturpark Südheide
  • Radweg durch den Herbstwald
  • Heidefluss Örtze bei Oldendorf
  • Salinenhaus in Sülze
  • Infotafel im Findling am Angelbecks Teich
  • Große Kreuzkirche in Hermannsburg
  • In Hermannsburg, Gemeinde Südheide
  • Kleine Kreuzkirche in Hermannsburg
  • Kunstcafé "Atelier am Markt" in Hermannsburg
  • Ludwig-Harms-Haus in Hermannsburg
  • Ludwig-Harms-Haus in Hermannsburg
  • Heidefluss Örtze bei Oldendorf
  • Heidefluss Örtze bei Oldendorf
  • See an der Örtze
  • Luftaufnahme der Örtze
  • Rathaus in Hermannsburg
  • Salinemuseum in Sülze
  • Vierständerhaus in Eversen
  • Rittergut in Eversen
  • Severloher Heide

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Zur Ortschaft Eversen gehören Altensalzkoth, Feuerschützenbostel und der Forstort Kohlenbach. Eversen liegt ca. 16 km nördlich von Celle - an der Landesstraße 240. Die Stadt Bergen ist ca. 10 km entfernt. Die