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Flüggenhofsee Spielplatz
Flüggenhofsee Grillplatz
Flüggenhofsee Rundweg
Flüggenhofsee Spielplatz
Flüggenhofsee Spielplatz
Flüggenhofsee Sonnenuntergang
Flüggenhofsee Triathlon
Kleintierzuchtanlage am Flüggenhofsee

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Munster: Lake Flüggenhofsee

Dr. Günther-Winkelmann-Weg
29633 Munster


Munster: Lake Flüggenhofsee

The lake which was a mining area for Kieselgur is a wonderful recreation place all year long. The Flüggenhofsee is 950 meters long and between 100 and 300 meters wide. The deepest areas are declared with 14 meters.

With its large bathing beach, a playground for children and a barbecue area for tourists, locals and visitors, it is a popular destination with enough and cost-free parking lots. The lake is an excursion destination for the whole family!

You can sunbath, play and cool down in the refreshing water. Sometimes you can actually see windsurfers at the lake! It is also a place were events regularly take place, for example when the German Lifeguard Association or the club of the poultry farm celebrate their summer festivals.

Of course dogs are also welcomed at the dog beach! On hot summer days they can cool down at the lake.

For all fishermen we have the following fish species in our lake: eel, perch, pike, carp, tench, brown trout, whiting, wels catfish and zander. You can get the fishing permit for guests at the Munster Touristik if you have a valid fishing license.

The club of the poultry farm has a neat and public facility on the south side of the lake. You can see chicken, ducks and many more beautiful birds in its aviaries all year long. There is also a small playground for children.

And when the lake is frozen up in winter, you can perfectly do ice skating!


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