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Panzermuseum Munster
Panzerkampfwagen A7V
Panzer III bei Stahl auf der Heide
Splitterschutzmaske aus dem 1. Weltkrieg
Panzer Leopard-2-A4
Spielzeugpanzer aus Holz
T-72 Motor
Panzermuseum Munster Benjamin Zitat
Panzermuseum Munster

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Munster German Tank Museum

Hans-Krüger-Straße 33
29633 Munster


Besucherservice 05192 / 2552



Adults//8,00 €
Groups (from 10 people) each//6,00 €
Children (above 5 years of age)free,00 €
Reduced (children 6-13 years, pupils, students, Federal Volunteer Service, Beneficiaries SGB II, SGB XII, AsylbLG with valid proof, severely handicapped with ID)//4,00 €
Family card parents with children up to 13 years//15,00 €
Guided tour (from 10 people) each//3,00 €
Multimedia guidefree,00 €


All year: Tuesday - Sunday10.00 - 18.00
June - September: Monday - Sunday10.00 - 18.00
All holidays, except Christmas holidaysopen

Munster German Tank Museum

Munster German Tank Museum


Entering the museum, the visitor embarks on a journey through German military history. An orange thread serves as a guide through the exhibition. The museum documents the development of German armoured troops in the 20th century. The permanent exhibition of the museum comprises about 6,000 exhibits in 5 halls.


The halls have an area of around 10,000 m2 and contain 150 major exhibits: tanks, guns and vehicles dating from 1917 until today. There are many smaller exhibits such as uniforms, medals, weapons, unarmoured vehicles, radios and military toys. In the outdoor area, the walk-in Leopard 1 tank allows visitors to experience the feeling of confinement inside a tank and to understand the importance of cooperation among the crew.


But it's not just about technology: the cultural and historical implications of the objects shown in the Tank Museum are explored and interpreted. The Tank Museum not only aims to inform but also to stimulate questions and the critical examination of German history, particularly German military history.


Object of the Month

A (short) story is presented for a particular exhibit: the Object of the Month. These normally involve unusual objects and their interesting background stories.


All you need to know about your visit to the Tank Museum

You should plan a good 2 hours for a visit to the Tank Museum.

The Tank Museum offers a free multimedia guide; guided tours through the museum can be booked in advance.

The museum shop and a cafeteria can be found at the rear of the permanent exhibition.


Accessibility information Travel for All

The museum participates in the information and evaluation system Travel for All. Travel for All is the nationwide labelling system for accessibility. For the first time, information for guests is collected by trained investigators and evaluated with clear quality criteria.

You will find detailed information on museum accessibility in the attachment.



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