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Ludwig-Harms-Haus in Hermannsburg
Modell des Missionsschiffes Candace
Dauerausstellung "Candace – Partner in Mission"
Ausstellung im Ludwig-Harms-Haus
Vorlesung für Kinder
Welkugel-Brunnen in Hermannsburg

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Ludwig Harms House

Harmsstraße 2
29320 Hermannsburg


05052 / 69-270


05052 / 69-277



Montag 8:30 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr
Dienstag - Samstag8:30 Uhr - 21:00 Uhr
Sonntag11:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr

Ludwig Harms House

Ludwig Harms House in Hermannsburg is a meeting place where you can encounter missionary history. You can expect a mix of café, world shop, bookstore, guest rooms and event and exhibition rooms.



Ludwig-Harms House: a house with history


The Ludwig-Harms house is located in the center of the heath village of Hermannsburg. In its more than 160-year history as a mission house, Ludwig Harms House was a training centre for the first missionary students who were trained as theology students for the missionary service in Africa, Asia and America at the time of the eponym and missionary founder Pastor Ludwig Harms. The Hermannsburg Mission made the village in the south of the Lueneburg Heath well-known far beyond its borders.


What awaits you today at Ludwig-Harms Haus?


The topic of mission can be experienced by the visitors through regular events in the Ludwig-Harms Haus on projects of the Lutheran Missionary Work all over the world.


In addition to changing art exhibitions, numerous readings and lectures on culture and religion continue to make Ludwig Harms House a place of cultural and spiritual exchange for both locals and guests.


The World Shop in Ludwig Harms House underlines the cosmopolitanism and internationality of the house with fair trade products from all over the world. Here, you will find specialties such as coffee, honey or wine as well as leather goods, musical instruments and handicrafts from different countries.


The fair-trade coffee or tea can be enjoyed directly at home-made cakes in the cozy Café Candace and reminisce about the impressions of your visit.


Permanent exhibition


The permanent exhibition named "Candace - Partner in Mission" gives an insight into the development of the former Hermannsburg missionary to today's Lutheran protestant missionary in Lower Saxony on more than 300 square meters (ELM) with partner churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


On a replica of the mission ship Candace you can experience the journey undertaken by Pastor Ludwig Harms to distant, unknown lands. There are also many exciting things for children to discover.


To this day, the eventful Hermannsburg mission history in the house is clearly visible, among other things, through the collection of ethnological objects from the mission countries.


Staying at Ludwig Harms House


You can also stay overnight at Ludwig Harms House. The hotel and its modern furnished rooms offer ideal conditions for restful nights in Hermannsburg.




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