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Misselhorner Heide bei Hermannsburg
Misselhorner Heide bei Hermannsburg
Misselhorner Heide bei Hermannsburg
Birken in der Misselhorner Heide
Kutsche in der Misselhorner Heide
Heidschnucken auf der Misselhorner Heide
Misselhorner Heide bei Hermannsburg
Das Tiefental an der Misselhorner Heide
Sonnenuntergang am Eicksberg, Misselhorner Heide
Sonnenuntergang am Tiefental
Das Tiefental an der Misselhorner Heide
Das Tiefental an der Misselhorner Heide
Luftaufnahme der Misselhorner Heide
Luftaufnahme der Misselhorner Heide
Luftaufnahme der Misselhorner Heide
Luftaufnahme des Tiefentals
Heidschnuckenweg durch die Misselhorner Heide
Luftaufnahme vom Tiefental
Das Tiefental im Herbst
Luftaufnahme vom Tiefental
Winter in der Misselhorner Heide
Misselhorner Heide
Winter in der Misselhorner Heide
Wegweiser Misselhorner Heide

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Hermannsburg: Misselhorn Heath and Tiefental

29320 Hermannsburg


Tourist Information Hermannsburg 05052 6574


Tourist Information Hermannsburg 05052 6549


Hermannsburg: Misselhorn Heath and Tiefental

The heath areas of Misselhorn Heath near Hermannsburg are some of the most scenic to be found at Suedheide Nature Park. Two large heath areas converge here: Misselhorn Heath and Tiefental, which is sometimes also referred to as "Heidefläche am Eicksberg".

The landscape is characterised by rolling hills with rambling expanses of heath interspersed time and again by juniper trees. Misselhorn Heath begins 1.5 km to the east of Hermannsburg and is a part of the "Heaths of the Central Luess Plateau”, a nature reserve in Suedheide Nature Park with an overall surface area of some 293 hectares. The nature reserve "Heaths of the Central Luess Plateau” that came into existence in 1995 also includes Schillohsberg Heath.

Landscape characteristics

The heath areas are old cultural landscapes created by the farming methods of past centuries. Today, the heaths are protected areas as they are home to some unique flora and fauna. The countryside is characterised by sandy, nutrient-poor topsoil on which birch and spruce forests thrive alongside the famous heather (Calluna vulgaris).

Some of Germany’s endangered plant species can be found in the protected area of Misselhorn Heath:

  • Spoon-leaf sundew
  • Common lousewort
  • Marsh gentian
  • Cotton grass

A range of in part elaborate maintenance measures are employed to maintain the heath. A herd of moorland sheep and goats is at home on Misselhorn Heath to help maintain it.

A very special tip:

During the summer months you can watch as the moorland sheep are driven home to their pens every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 p.m. The sheep pen is only a short 200 metre walk from Misselhorn Heath car park.
You can find further information about sheep-driving and guided tours of Misselhorn Heath in the section "This may interest you" Other sheep-driving events and all guided tours in Suedheide where it is compiled as an overview.

Tiefental valley

Tiefental (which means deep valley) lies directly adjacent to Misselhorn Heath. A deep dry valley with a particularly multi-faceted landscape was formed here during the Ice Age.

Although Tiefental valley is just s few hundred metres wide, it boasts an impressive panoramic view. Ludwig Harms, the well-known missionary founder and pastor from Hermannsburg, held sermons against this unique backdrop in Tiefental around the year 1860. An information board on the heath panorama route provides numerous details about the pastor. Guided tours following in the footsteps of Ludwig Harms are also available in Tiefental. 

Hiking and biking routes

You can discover the local area and its beautiful heath valleys by foot or by bicycle on well-signposted hiking and biking trails. An overview of the routes through the area is available in the section "This may interest you". The well-known Moorland sheep route also passes through the area. The quality long-distance hiking trail was voted Germany’s most beautiful route in 2014.

How to find Misselhorn Heath and Tiefental:

There are two car parks that offer ideal starting points from which to discover this beautiful countryside.

Redesigned in 2011, "Misselhorn Heath” car park lies directly adjacent to the heath and has a weather hut and picnic benches and tables. The car park is also suitable as a Park&Ride station for riders. Toilet facilities are available during the summer months.

You can also hop on a covered wagon at the car park for a round trip on the heath; tickets are available from the Tourist Information Office. You can also enquire about the round trip timetable there. Group bookings are of course possible.

Directions to "Misselhorn Heath” car park:

You can reach Misselhorn Heath car park via the K 17 from Hermannsburg towards Unterluess. It is located approx. 1.5 km outside of Hermannsburg on the right. The car park is signposted "Misselhorner Heide".

Coordinates: N52.823210  E10.136225

"Eicksberg” car park is lies directly adjacent to beautiful heath areas and also very close to Tiefental. Eicksberg car park also has a pleasant, shaded rest area with a weather hut and picnic facilities with magnificent views of the heath. The car park also has toilet facilities during the summer.

Directions to "Eicksberg” car park:

You can reach the car park Parkplatz am Eicksberg (near Tiefental) from Oldendorf on the L281 travelling towards Eschede. Take a left turn after approximately 3 km (opposite the turn-off for Dehningshof and Hof Severloh). Turn left after 200 metres and drive approximately 2 km up Eicksberg hill to the car park. The car park is signposted "Heide am Eicksberg” on the L 281.

Coordinates: N52.805569  E10.145545


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