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Rehrhofer Heide Blüte
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Rehrhofer Heide
Rehrhofer Heide
Rehrhofer Heide 2

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Rehrhof: Rehrhof Heath near Amelinghausen

21385 Rehrhof


Amelinghausen Tourist Information 04132-920943


Amelinghausen Tourist Information 04132-920951


Rehrhof: Rehrhof Heath near Amelinghausen

Juniper paradise

Of all heaths in Amelinghausen holiday region, Rehrhof Heath, also called Juniper Paradise, is the easiest to reach from the car park. This is located directly on the B 209 between Amelinghausen and Bispingen. If you park your car here, you can already see the Heath area from the car park.


Rehrhofer Heide is surrounded by forests and has a slightly domed shape. In the summer in particular you can enjoy the sun here for a long time and at sunset take a nice walk through the heather.

Rehrhof forest estate

Very close to this beautiful spot is Rehrhof. An old heathland farm, which was first mentioned in the 13th century as a farm. If you are visiting Rehrhof Heath, why not pay a visit to the old wool store at Rehrhof? It has been preserved after a great fire as the only farm building and was built at the beginning of the 19th century. The authentic heath farm was not only a location for adverts for "Schinkenspicker" (ham sausage) of the "Rügenwalder Mill" company, but also a film location for many other things. Today it is a holiday farm where you are welcome to stay on holiday.



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