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felto Filzwelt in Soltau
felto Filzwelt Soltau: Maschinen
felto Filzwelt Soltau: Filznadel
felto Filzwelt Soltau: Die Arche
felto Filzwelt Soltau: Spielebene
felto Filzmuseum Soltau: Produkte aus Filz im Laden
felto Filzmuseum Soltau: Kunst aus Filz
felto Filz Museum: Filz Maschinen
felto Filzwelt Soltau: Lustige Produkte aus Filz
felto Filzwelt Soltau: Hirtenmantel aus Filz
felto Filzwelt Soltau: Spielzeug aus Filz
felto Filzwelt Soltau: Ausstellungsfläche, Galerie
felto Filzwelt Soltau: Aussichtsturm

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felto Felt World Soltau

Marktstr. 19
29614 Soltau


Information 05191 9754943



Adults//8,00 €
School children//4,00 €
Children who are not yet in school: Admissionfree,00 €


open from10.00 -18.00

felto Felt World Soltau

Felt is as old as humanity – and as sustainable as it is. As a pure natural product wool felt has existed for millennia in cultures around the globe. Synthetic felt is now equipped with ever new features.

What is the felto felt world?

felto – Felt World Soltau is a cultural institution about the fabric of felt. In a heritage-protected felt warehouse in the centre of Soltau's inner city, felto looks into the wide world of felting.

In a historic warehouse on the Soltau pedestrian precinct there is an felt education and experience centre, which combines a variety of functions in a novel way:

Museum and Science Centre - Monument and Innovation Centre - Market and Forum - Venue and Playground.

The five floors in the main building of the felt world each have a clear, individual profile:

Felt market

.... with a bistro, a felt recycling shop with work tables for creative crafts, a studio for felt artists and market stalls


Felt phenomenon (1st floor)

.... with experimental stations on the characteristics of felt and with bridge that leads from a walk-through Noah's Ark (to the genesis of felt) to a play landscape made of felt


Felt production

... with work tables and interactive machines for manual and industrial felting, units for the sustainability of felt, insights into business, industrial and urban history as well as a "felt laboratory" for groups such as school classes

Felt products

... with a world without felt that lets you experience how our world would rattle without felt, with a huge box that displays works of art as well as technical innovations made of felt, and its own exhibition area with Steiff scenes


Meeting space

... with space for special exhibitions and events as well as meetings for up to 150 people


Viewing platform

Last but not least, visitors can look forward to a viewing platform at a height of 23.8 metres. From here you can look over both the city centre of Soltau and the Toy Museum with the flying classroom, as well as the vast premises of the company Gebrüder Röders AG.

What can you learn in felto Felt World in Soltau?

Did you know that Noah's Ark was the world's first felt production facility? Or that you can even find felt in a piano? In felto Felt World you will always be amazed. Felt is really present everywhere in our environment, but we really don’t know it at all. So Felt World is really worth a visit for both adults and children.


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