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Machandel Discovery Trail

Niederhaverbeck 7
29646 Bispingen
Telefax: Fax inquiries 05198 - 987039

Machandel Discovery Trail

A discovery trail for the whole family

The Machandel Trail is primarily aimed at children whose parents want them to enjoy learning about the history of landscape development and cultivation of Lüneburg Heath. There are 23 different stations with topics such as "Types of habitat in Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve", "Historical and current ways of using the Heath", and "Feel and touch", all of which help to teach the younger visitors about the history of landscape development and cultivation of the heathland.


Starting the trail in Oberhaverbeck or Döhle

Visitors can start the walk either from the large car park in Oberhaverbeck or from the Döhle car park in the direction of Wilsede, discovering many new things as they go along. In addition, a leaflet and various colouring sheets relating to the discovery trail have been produced. They are available for 2 Euro in the Nature Information Centres of the VNP, the museum shop in Wilsede, or the Heath Museum "Dat ole Huus".


Enjoy getting to know about nature and the landscape

All the stations on the discovery trail are designed in such a way that children can comfortably reach, read, and operate all the elements. Children of different age groups can enjoy getting to know about nature and the landscape. The Heidemuseum "Dat ole Huus" is included in the route.