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Kloster Walsrode
Kloster Walsrode
Kloster Walsrode
Schriftzug, Kloster Walsrode
Kloster Walsrode
Langes Haus, Kloster Walsrode
Kloster Walsrode
Kloster Walsrode
Kloster Walsrode
Kloster Walsrode

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Walsrode: Walsrode Abbey

Kirchplatz 2
29664 Walsrode


Kloster Walsrode 05161 / 4858380


Kloster Walsrode 05161 / 4858389



Adults//4,00 €
Children and youths//2,00 €
Children under 6free,00 €


Abbey groundsDaily till 18:00
ToursFrom 1 April to 30 September
Daily at15:00, 16:00 & 17:00
ToursFrom 1 October to 31 October
Daily at15:00 & 16:00

Walsrode: Walsrode Abbey

Walsrode Abbey is surrounded by an old brick wall dating from the 18th century. It is located in the centre of the vibrant heathland town of Walsrode, between the two shopping streets of Lange Straße and Moorstraße.


Having entered the Abbey through a wrought-iron gate, the visitor is met by harmonious baroque buildings and a well-kept park – a place of remarkable tranquillity that invites you to pause and think.


With its thousand-year history, the Abbey is the oldest of six abbeys and monasteries in Lüneburg Heath. It was founded prior to 986 A.D. by Count Wale and his wife Odelinth as a secular convent.


Today, it is still a secular convent - a tradition that has remained alive. Its conventuals dedicate themselves to social, voluntary, and cultural tasks. A conventual will lead visitors on a guided tour lasting about one hour, introducing them to the history, architectural features, and various cultural treasures of the Abbey. The latter include the "Bambino", a 500-year old Jesus Christ figurine, a carving of the Last Supper, a reliquary casket with a Paradiesgärtlein (Garden of Paradise), medieval stained-glass windows showing the founder’ coat of arms, and chair of the Abbess.


There is more to the Abbey than its historical treasures, however. From April to October, it also puts on a range of events, including much-loved concerts in the chapel, exhibitions, and lectures.


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Walsrode has become well-known due to Alsrode Bird Park. And yet the town of Walsrode has even more to offer, not to mention its hotels and holiday apartments of all types. Walsrode