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Naherholungsgebiet "Eibia"/ Lohheide
Naherholungsgebiet "Eibia"/ Lohheide
Naherholungsgebiet "Eibia"/ Lohheide
Naherholungsgebiet "Eibia"/ Lohheide
Naherholungsgebiet "Eibia"/ Lohheide

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Walsrode: Eibia / Lohheide recreational area

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Walsrode: Eibia / Lohheide recreational area

Eibia / Lohheide recreational area


The scenic region of Eibia / Lohheide lies to the south of the villages of Benefeld and Bomlitz. Two streams, the Bomlitz and the Warnau, mark the east and west borders of the area, while the river Böhme flows through a meadow valley along the southern edge. The undulating terrain is drained by the two streams that flow into the river Böhme. The soil is composed of glacial sand and clay, which originated from glacial drift during the Saale glacial stage. Until the 1930s, the area was owned by farmers. When the Eibia production sites were built, the forest served as camouflage.


In 1972, following the November storm that swept across the Eibia, breaking trunks and uprooting many trees in its wake, the empty spaces were reforested with spruce.

In 1980, the commune of Bomlitz bought the majority of the former IVG site when it purchased 200 ha. The area is home to wild game such as mouflon, roe deer, badgers, wild boar, foxes, hares, and martens.


Four signposted circular hiking trails and a circular archaeological path pass through the area. In addition to the beautiful heathland and prehistoric burial mounds, you can also pick up some background information about this historically significant area. The 7-hectare heathland that begins at the Sportplatz Benefeld car park lends itself to much more than a mere hike through the heather blossom.



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