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Waldbad Amelinghausen
Waldbad Amelinghausen
Waldbad Amelinghausen
Waldbad Amelinghausen

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Amelinghausen: forest pool

Zum Lopautal 30
21385 Amelinghausen


Inquiries/Informationen 04132 930088
Tourist Information 04132 920943



Adults4/,00 €
Reductions3/,00 €
Children1/,00 €


Mid-May till the beginning of September (depending on the weather)
Monday13.00 - 20.00
Tuesday till Friday06.30 - 20.00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays09.00 - 20.00

Amelinghausen: forest pool

The forest pool in Amelinghausen is one of many leisure attractions in our beautiful Heath. Located in idyllic surroundings, there is lot of sports, games and fun for everyone.


The large swimming pool has eight 50-metre lanes, a covered entrance hall, two one-metre diving boards, and a three-metre springboard.

Sunbathing lawns and Strandkörbe (beach chairs)

During the many warm and sunny days between May and August you can relax here for a long time. This is ensured by the large sunbathing area, the beach chairs and the small beach near the children's pool.

Table tennis, beach volleyball and kiosk


Outside the swimming pools you can use sun loungers or pass the time with table tennis, table football under cover, a beach volleyball court, a football pitch and a mini basketball court. And if you are a little hungry and thirsty, our "Strandbar" kiosk will provide you with a range of things.

The opening of the forest pool depends on the weather, but is usually in May. On particularly nice weekends, game festivals with large equipment take place in the water, which are very popular, especially with the little water lovers! As a special offer, in cooperation with the local Lopautal DLRG group (life-saving), Amelinghausen forest pool offers swimming and diving courses as well as aquajogging courses

If the weather permits, we will make it possible for you to enjoy a long bathing experience at short notice. The water temperature is at least 22 degrees.


We look forward to your visit and wish you many wonderful days at our forest pool!


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