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Hippolit-Kirche in Amelinghausen

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Amelinghausen: St. Hippolytus Church

Uelzener Straße 1
21385 Amelinghausen


Information 04132 / 227



Daily in summer09.00-18.00

Amelinghausen: St. Hippolytus Church

At the beginning of the 3rd century, Hippolytus of Rome was a versatile theologian, finally antipope to Kalixt I, then banishment and martyrdom. At first he was worshiped as a martyr, later as patron saint of horsemen. 

The first church building made of wood was possibly built by Frankish settlers in the 9th century or by Amelung (Bishop of Verden in the 10th century) 

In 1170 was replaced by a field stone construction (1501 cultivation round tower from field stones). 

In 1750 the third church was a half-timbered building, which is destroyed by fire in 1818 (except today's north wall). 

In 1818-20 it was reconstructed in the classical style (1895 neo-Gothic tower).


From the 18th century there is a crucifix with traces of the church fire in 1818. After the church fire, in the 19th century, new baptismal font and new organ (1840 by Altendorf & Bergmann, 1961 reconstruction, 2001 renovation with 21 registers). From the 20th century stained glass window (1937) and altar crucifix made of brass (1970).

21st century artistic Hippolytus carving (2001) and copy of the NT (2003, created by 350 parishioners).


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