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Hotels in Lüneburg: Bergström
Hotels in Lüneburg: Amethyst
Hotels in Lüneburg: Seminaris
Hotels in Lüneburg: Altes Kaufhaus
Lüneburg in der Lüneburger Heide, Hansewochenende

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Romantic hotels in Lüneburg

Steeped in more than 1050 years of history, the ‘Hanseatic city of Lüneburg', between Hamburg and Hanover, is one of the most fascinating towns in northern Germany.

Its historic architecture, renowned for its Brick Gothic style, forms a charming contrast to the young, vibrant town life. Lüneburg remained intact during the Second World War, which explains why the town still has an enclosed medieval Old Town – one of the reasons why Lüneburg was declared a ‘Hanseatic city’ again in October 2007.

The town centre is full of reminders of Lüneburg’s past – a past that was marked by the town’s most important asset, salt. Salt was simmered in the saltworks for over a thousand years, and the town gained its wealth and prestige in the Middle Ages as a result of trading with the ‘white gold’ of the time. Lüneburg is also home to the largest town hall in northern Germany, whose construction took more than 500 years.


Hotels in Lüneburg are very popular, so we recommend booking early – especially for weekends. Are you looking for a reasonably priced hotel in Lüneburg? No problem! Are you looking for a romantic hotel in Lüneburg? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

The advantage of Lüneburg is that you can reach everything in the town centre on foot.

It’s no problem, either, if you choose accommodation out of town. Lüneburg has numerous car parks, all of which are well signposted.

Besides many beautiful hotels, Lüneburg also boasts a selection of great restaurants. Many of these can be found by the harbour ‘am Stint’, as well as in the Old Town. No short break in Lüneburg would be complete without enjoying a glass of wine, overlooking the river Ilmenau.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic, reasonably priced or centrally located hotel, you can use our price comparison service for the hotels in Lüneburg.


The following is an overview of all recommended hotels in Lüneburg. You can book these romantic hotels online here at a special price.

4-star hotels in Lüneburg

Romantik Hotel Bergström

A prime location, immediately adjacent to Lüneburg’s water district. The hotel where the ARD series Rote Rosen was filmed.

DORMERO Hotel Altes Kaufhaus 

Top location in the heart of the water district, right on the banks of the river Ilmenau.

SEMINARIS Hotel Lüneburg

Hotel Seminaris is immediately adjacent to the spa gardens, just a short walk away from Lüneburg’s Old Town. Attractive special offers for weekend breaks.

Best Western Premier Castanea Resort

A short distance away from Lüneburg, Hotel Castanea in Adendorf is located on the golf course.

3-star hotels in Lüneburg

Comfort Hotel Lüneburg

This reasonably priced hotel is located in the industrial area Lüneburg Süd and is a low-budget option for those travelling by car.

Exceptional hotels in Lüneburg

NATUROTEL Landhaus Amethyst

This thatched-roof hotel is reminiscent of a country house on the island of Sylt. It is part of the NAUROTEL chain whose hotels are renowned for their exceptional locations.

Holiday homes and other accomodations in Lüneburg

Hotel Anno 1433

Historical ambience combined with modern comfort just at the edge of the town center.

Ferienwohnung Seiler

Just a short walk from the Old Town. A beautiful no-smoking holiday home


Ferienwohnung Schmidt to Hus

A holiday home for 2 people near the forest


Ferienhaus Schmidt Lichtoase

A holiday home for 4 people in Gellersen


Ferienhaus Strobel

A holiday home for 2 to 4 people in Bardowick, close to Lüneburg




An overnight stay in the hotel that is home to the ‘Drei Könige' (three kings) from the ARD series Rote Rosen. Visitors flock to Lüneburg in their millions because of this claim to fame. We give you the chance to book the Hotel Bergström at a special price here.


A stay at the NATUROTEL Landhaus Amethyst will certainly be one to remember. The hotel enjoys a quiet location in a village on the outskirts of Lüneburg.


Would you like to book a room in a hotel in Lüneburg? If so, please don’t hesitate to use our 24-hour online reservation service. A confirmation will be sent immediately. Payment is only due upon arrival at the hotel.


Individual descriptions of Lüneburg hotels can be found below:



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Amethyst Hotel

Deutsch Evern

Herzlich Willkommen in unserem Landhaus unterm Reetdach mit seiner charmanten und unverwechselbar persönlichen Atmosphäre.Erholen Sie sich in ruhigen, bequem und harmonisch eingerichteten Zimmern mit Blick ins Naturschutzgebiet.Die Zufriedenheit unserer Gäste

Seminaris Hotel Lüneburg


Das Hotel Seminaris Lüneburg liegt direkt am Kurpark, fußläufig zur historischen Altstadt Lüneburgs und ist das größte Hotel in Lüneburg.Lüneburg, die 1000jährige Salz- und Hansestadt mit Liebe zur eigenen Geschichte

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DORMERO Hotel Altes Kaufhaus Lüneburg



Die Lage ist einzigartig, das DOREMRO Hotel Hotel Altes Kaufhaus Lüneburg scheint über dem Ufer der Ilmenau zu schweben, denn es ist direkt auf den alten Hafenmauern erbaut. Ein atemberaubender

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Comfort Hotel Lüneburg


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